Techarenan is an International platform for innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability that brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, experts, investors, decision-makers, and politicians. This year, Linköping Science Park visited with representatives from the scaleup program Swedish Scaleups and startup arena IndX. 

Tech Arena left Robin Eriksson, IndX, and Jan Abrahamsson, Swedish Scaleups, with many different insights from the event. Swedish Scaleup companies, Interspectral and Worldish, presented at the pitch competition “Incubators’ Stars Challenge” among 15 other companies, resulting in many interesting discussions in their booth.

Notable speakers from the day were Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and former US Vice President Al Gore. Their discussions on the future, AI, and sustainability were both inspirational and enlightening.

“Steve Wozniak recounted his original vision for Apple to empower people with disabilities, only to humorously observe how the iPhone has ironically led people to become engrossed in their screens, somewhat “blinding” them to the world around,” says Robin. 

In contrast, Al Gore emphasized the critical role of technology in tackling climate change, urging the audience to join this mission. He particularly praised the innovative environmental efforts in Sweden, calling for continued and expanded commitment.

AI still a growing subject for startups and scaleups

Jan Abrahamsson, scaleup coach at Swedish Scaleups, also got some valuable insights during his days at Tech Arena. 

“One reflection is that AI is still a growing subject for startup- and scaleup companies. The companies that fail to integrate AI into their solution are at risk of becoming less attractive to investors and bigger companies. Impact and deep tech companies are also very attractive. Companies with smart business models that solve big issues within the area of energy, safety, and life science will attract investors around the world,” says Jan.

This enriching experience didn’t just expand their horizons but also deepened their conviction in the transformative power of innovation for a sustainable future. 

The main takeaway? By integrating technology with sustainability, we’re on the path to a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. 


Jan Abrahamsson; Swedish Scaleups and Aishwarya Kumar from Interspectral

Al Gore on stage, stressing sustainable technology innovations.

From the left: Robin Eriksson, Naveen Sasidharan from Worldish and Lena Miranda.